We improve everyday life where it’s lived

One strate­gic step at a time. This is how Peab has worked to de­vel­op the busi­ness since it began more than 60 years ago. With our ex­ten­sive Nordic pres­ence and local roots today we are the Nordic Com­mu­ni­ty Builder and we im­prove every­day life where peo­ple live it. Now we are ready to enter the next phase of our de­vel­op­ment.

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Business model

Four collaborating business areas that create added value

Our business is founded on four business areas. Each of them is independent with its own customer base. But the strength in our business model – and thereby our ability to achieve our targets – is multiplied when they work together in the processing chain. This is the core of our business model and what makes us unique. This is locally produced community building throughout the entire Nordic region.