With our strong business model I’m confident about the future and Peab forging ahead with our locally produced community

Jesper Göransson, President and CEO

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For more than 60 years Peab’s business has been based on local community building. In local communities all over the Nordic region we work to improve everyday life for people where they live it. We have continued in this spirit during 2021. In Peab’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2021 we describe how our business has developed.

As a leading Nordic and local community builder we have a big impact on the world around us – and thereby a big responsibility. We strive to choose the most sustainable route and drive development in construction and civil engineering. It’s a matter of unceasingly moving ahead, a constant transition in progress towards a sustainable society.

Through our strategic target leader in social responsibility in the industry we have clarified the societal challenges we have shouldered. Naturally this includes climate transition which is a global concern, but also creating safe and secure workplaces and greater equality in our industry. It is about issues that ensure continued positive development in our business and it is about our responsibility as members of society.

In Peab’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2021 we talk about all of this.

Business model

Four collaborating business areas that create added value

Our business is founded on four business areas. Each of them is independent with its own customer base. But the strength in our business model – and thereby our ability to achieve our targets – is multiplied when they work together in the processing chain. This is the core of our business model and what makes us unique. This is locally produced community building throughout the entire Nordic region.