Future financial information

  • Quarterly report January-September 2017
9 November 2017
  • Year-end Report 2017
13 February 2018
  • Annual and Sustainability Report 2017
April 2018

The Board of directors and the CEO pledge that the half-year report provides a fair and true overview of the parent company’s and the Group’s business, position and results as well as describes the significant risks and uncertainty factors faced by the parent company and the companies included in the Group.

Förslöv, 18 August 2017

Göran Grosskopf
Mats Paulsson
Vice chairman
Karl-Axel Granlund
Board member
Fredrik Paulsson
Board member
Lars Sköld
Board member
Nina Udnes Tronstad
Board member
Kerstin Lindell
Board member
Malin Persson
Board member
Kim Thomsen
Board member
Patrik Svensson
Board member
Egon Waldemarsson
Board member
Jesper Göransson
CEO and President

The information in this quarterly report has not been reviewed separately by the company’s auditors.