The Nordic
Community Builder

Peab is one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic area with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Peab affects society and the environment for the people who now and in the future will live with what we develop, build and construct. Peab is also a big employer with local roots and with this comes big responsibility.

Peab is engaged in developing a more sustainable society. Our goal is to meet the demands and expectations from others and at the same time create new business opportunities.

Peab’s business contributes to society by developing and building new homes and offices, public functions and infrastructure. This is how we are useful and make a difference in daily life in big and small places in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Long-term relationships with customers and suppliers result in better social, environmental and economic conditions. Stable profitability generates the funds necessary to develop our business and provide returns for our shareholders.

Net sales, appr.

SEK 57 billion

Employees, appr.


Business model

Four collaborating business areas create added value

Peab is characterized by a decentralized and cost-efficient organization with four complementary business areas whose operations are based on local entrepreneurship close to customers. Our business model with four collaborating business areas creates opportunities throughout the value chain in our construction projects.

Our three strategic goals Most satisfied customers, Best workplace and Most profitable company frame our prioritized investments in the business plan period 2018-2020.

Business area Construction works with everything from new construction of homes, public and commercial premises to renovations and extensions as well as offering construction services.

Business area Civil Engineering is active on the local civil engineering market as well as in larger Nordic infrastructure projects like highways, railroads and bridges. It also operates and maintains streets and roads.

Business area Industry delivers, among other things, mineral aggregates, concrete, paving, temporary electricity and prefabricated concrete elements to external customers and the other business areas in Peab. It also provides cranes, machines and transportation as well as recycles construction waste, demolition waste and rubble.

Business area Project Development handles Group acquisitions as well as development, management and divestment of residential and commercial property. Housing Development is mainly geared towards private consumers while Property Development is aimed at real estate investors.

Photographers: Carl Ljungberg, Kasper Dudzik, Klas Andersson, Markus Esselmark, Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen, Per Eriksson and Peter Steen.

Peab takes work environment matters very seriously and works systematically to create safe workplaces. The kind of safety equipment used varies depending on national regulations and the type of operations. A risk analysis is always performed for each workplace before any exception is made. The people pictured in this publication are wearing personal safety equipment required by regulations valid for the operations and country they are in.