About the sustainability report

For the seventh time Peab is presenting its sustainability work according to the reporting standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and it is Peab’s belief that the sustainability report to all extents and purposes follows version 4.0, Core. The sustainability report has not been reviewed by a third party from a GRI perspective.

Peab’s sustainability report is published annually in April.

The scope of the sustainability report

The report comprises the Group’s business in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and all the companies over which Peab has operational control. Based on the materiality analysis the report focuses on the issues that reflect the areas where the business has the most crucial and direct impact from a sustainable perspective.

More information about Peab can be found at www.peab.com.

For information about Peab’s sustainability work please contact: Maria Hernroth, Head of Sustainability, maria.hernroth@peab.se