Note 39 Pledged assets, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

Pledged assets

Group Parent company
MSEK 2017 2016 2017 2016
For own liabilities and provisions
Real estate mortgages 1) 1,489 1,037
Assets with attached lines 1,290 1,576
Other 49 153
Other pledged assets and guarantees
Real estate mortgages 2) 3 3
Floating charges 8 8
Total 2,839 2,777

1) Pledged assets of which SEK 295 million (–) are recognized as fixed assets and SEK 1,194 million (1,037) as current assets.
2) Pledged assets recognized as fixed assets.

Contingent liabilities

Group Parent company
MSEK 2017 2016 2017 2016
Shared obligations as partial owners in limited partnerships 34 72
Guarantees and contracting guarantees for Group companies 9,355 11,020
Guarantee liabilities for the benefit of joint arrangements 2,718 2,267 2,718 2,267
Obligations to tenant-owner associations under construction 7,750 4,498 7,750 4,498
Other guarantees and contingent liabilities 0 138 0 138
Total 10,502 6,975 19,823 17,923

In most of the tenant owner associations Peab develops, Peab AB signs guarantees as security for paid advances and down payments. Those guarantees ensure the tenant-owner’s right to repayment of a down payment if the tenant-owner makes a cancellation because of a substantial rise in fees during the first year after the annual meeting where the final cost of the project is presented. After that the guarantee is noll and void. Those guarantees or equivalent insurance from an external insurer has never been used and Peab does not believe this will happen in the future either. The guarantees are therefore not reported as contingent liabilities.