Note 1 Accounting principles

Note 2 Important estimates and assessments

Note 3 Income distributed by type

Note 4 Operating segments

Note 5 Business combinations

Note 6 Other operating income

Note 7 Other operating costs

Note 8 Government grants

Note 9 Employees, personnel costs and remuneration to senior officers

Note 10 Fees and cost remunerations to accountants

Note 11 Operating costs divided by type

Note 12 Net financial income/expense

Note 13 Appropriations

Note 14 Taxes

Note 15 Intangible fixed assets

Note 16 Tangible fixed assets

Note 17 Investment property

Note 18 Participation in joint ventures

Note 19 Joint operations

Note 20 Interest-bearing receivables

Note 21 Other securities held as fixed assets

Note 22 Other receivables

Note 23 Project and development properties

Note 24 Inventories

Note 25 Work-in-progress

Note 26 Accounts receivable

Note 27 Construction contracts

Note 28 Prepaid expenses and accrued income

Note 29 Equity

Note 30 Interest-bearing liabilities

Note 31 Pensions

Note 32 Provisions

Note 33 Other liabilities

Note 34 Accrued expenses and deferred income

Note 35 Valuation of financial assets and liabilities at fair value

Note 36 Financial risks and Finance policy

Note 37 Operational leasing contracts

Note 38 Investment obligations

Note 39 Pledged assets, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

Note 40 Appropriation of profit

Note 41 Related parties

Note 42 Group companies

Note 43 Untaxed reserves

Note 44 Cash flow statement

Note 45 Information on parent company

Note 46 New IFRSs 2018