Executive management

Jesper Göransson

CEO and President
Born 1971
Employed since 1996
MSc (Business and Economics)
Holding: 432,000 B shares and 406,935 B shares via endowment insurance 1)

Niclas Winkvist

Born 1966
Employed since 1995
MSc (economics)
Holding: 105,000 B shares and 146,044 B shares via endowment insurance 1)

Roger Linnér

Born 1970
Employed since 1996
MSc (engineering)
Holding: 5,000 B shares and 93,551 B shares via endowment insurance 1)

Karl-Gunnar Karlsson

Business Area Civil Engineering
Business Area Industry
Born 1956
Employed since 2003
Technical College Graduate
Holding: 15,400 B shares and 103,440 B shares via endowment insurance 1)

Göran Linder

Business Area Project Development
Born 1968
Employed since 2011
MSc (Business and Economics)
Holding: None

Stefan Danielsson

Business Area Construction
Born 1969
Employed since 2015
BSc (electrical engineering)
Holding: 6,000 B shares


Dan Kjellqvist
Authorized public accountant

The holdings reported were those on 31 December 2017. Holdings include those of spouses, children who are minors and private company holdings.

1) According to employment contracts for senior officers, part of or the entire outcome from variable remuneration can, while the outcome of the LTI program must, be placed in an endowment insurance which primarily invests in Peab shares. Information regarding variable remuneration and the LTI program can be found in the Annual Report, note 9.