”We can do it, we can use father’s tractor”

Mats and Erik Paulsson, 14 and 16 years old, take on a contract their father said no to – collecting garbage for summer residents on the Bjäre Peninsula.

See the film about Peab’s 60 years as a community builder.


Peab starts up in civil engineering

The brothers buy their first excavator and begin to develop civil engineering operations with it.


The brothers buy “Otto’s gravel pit”

and the farm that goes with it in Förslöv and turn “the gravel pit“ into a real gravel quarry.


Building boom in Sweden – Peab launches construction operations

Peab starts up in construction when the brothers buy the construction company building the workshop in Förslöv.


Stenmark creates skiing fever

and the brothers wanted to find a vacation place for their employees. They buy into what will in a couple of years will be called Lindvallen in Sälen AB, better known today as Skistar. It was part of Peab until 1983.

The 80s

Establishment in Malmö

Peab becomes a name in Malmö when it renovates the Börshus and builds the Saab factory.

The 90s

Expansion during the banking and financial crisis

Peab initiates an acquisition offensive that leads to being listed on the stock market and nationwide coverage.


Peab buys Sweden’s largest construction company, BPA

With its 5,000 employees Peab buys trade union owned BPA that has three times the number of employees.



Olso-based Fagbygg A/S (part of BPA) becomes part of Peab Norway and Peab is established on the Norwegian market.



Finnish Rakennus OY Leo Heinänen is acquired which puts Peab in the Finnish market.


The Peab School launched

Labor force shortages in the industry and being an ambitious community builder are the background to why the Peab School was started in 2006. Since its doors opened more than 1,000 students have graduated from it. Today, in 2019, there are schools in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.



Peab acquires Annehem and becomes part of the journey to develop the completely new city district Hyllie in Malmö.



The development of Arenastaden in Stockholm begins with the construction of Sweden’s national arena, Friends Arena, and continues with housing, a mall and office buildings.


Refugee crisis

Peab engages in the Swedish Public Employment Service’s program The 100 Club, an initiative created to offer immigrants an internship or job. The Peab School starts a language introduction and a language course for immigrants.


Route E45

Peab is commissioned to sink and deck route E45 in Gothenburg where 55,000 vehicles pass every day. The highway will be lowered six meters at Lilla bommen in Gothenburg, which is necessary to connect E45 to the new Hising Bridge and the Marieholm tunnel. Several of Peab’s operations and companies are collaborating on this.


Peab celebrates 60 years

60 years with the same core values: Down-to-earth, Developing, Personal and Reliable.