Active memberships


Peab is a member in the organization Achilles that compiles and validates supplier data and reduces global risks. This data driven insight creates safer, more sustainable supplier chains that perform better. Achilles helps buyers find the right suppliers, administrate relations and have greater insight and control over the entire supply chain.


BASTA is an industry-wide system that aims to phase out hazardous substances. Peab participates in BASTA’s science and market councils.


BEAst is a Swedish acronym for the Construction and Property Industry’s Electronic Business Standard, and at present there are just over 90 members. It is a meeting place for everything concerning e-commerce B2B, web solutions and e-communication in the industry. A representative from Peab is the chair of the BEAst board.

BIM Alliance

BIM Alliance is a non-profit organization that works for improved community building through BIM (Building Information Modeling) – digitally structured information management – by creating networks and disseminating information, as well as developing tools and support. The members consist of a number of different players within the community building sector, including Peab.

Brains & Bricks

Brains & Bricks – B2 – is a center of excellence that focuses on flows of materials and information, as well as support for decision-making and planning, to create the conditions for a cost-­efficient construction industry. It is a joint initiative set up by Peab, Linköping University and Katrineholm Municipality.

Byggvarubedömningen (BVB)

BVB makes assessments and provides information and documents concerning sustainability-assessed building products. Peab participates in BVB’s groups that develop the system and the criteria for content and social sustainability.

Centre for Management of Built Environment (CMB)

CMB was formed as a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and the Swedish community building sector, and it is now Sweden’s biggest forum for management-­related issues in the field of community building. Peab is a member of many of the CMB’s committees. One representative from Peab is a member of the BIM Management Group.


The Clean Soil Network is a non-profit organization that supports developments in remediation of contamination in soil and water. The goal is to create greater contact between different groups in society that are affected by the problem, promote current issues and collaborate with Nordic and European networks. Peab is a corporate member.

Cobuilder, ProductXchange

Cobuilder offers digital solutions for the distribution of product and project data among businesses in the construction and civil engineering industry. ProductXchange allows entrepreneurs, general contractors and property managers to retrieve product data and break it down as structured data that can be used in, for example, BIM. Peab is a paying member.

Comprehensive development of nearly zero-energy municipal service buildings (COMBI)

In Finland Peab participates in the research project COMBI to contribute to the development of nearly zero-­energy municipal service buildings. The project is led by Tampere University of Technology. Several universities and municipalities participate in the work as a step in achieving EU 2020 energy efficiency targets.


A network for profitable risk management, it is based at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Peab is a member and has made presentations at member meetings.

Fossil free Sweden

Fossil free Sweden is a platform for dialogue and cooperation between companies, municipalities and other interested parties aimed at making Sweden one of the first fossil free welfare countries in the world. Peab joined the initiative in the first quarter 2018.

Galaxen bygg

Galaxen Bygg is the construction sector’s own company for preventive work in the work environment and rehabilitation. Peab is represented on the Board of Galaxen, Galaxen Council East, as well as in Galaxen’s school group.


As a member of Green Dot Norway Peab takes responsibility for all packaging material through a return system approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency. Green Dot Norway was established in 1997 in order to streamline payments from customers to material suppliers. Today Green Dot Norway also operates return facilities for plastic packaging, cardboard packaging and beverage cartons (Plastretur AS andNorsk Returkartong AS).

IQ in the Built Environment

The Swedish Center for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment is a node and catalyst for research, innovation and development in community building. Peab is represented with a place on the board.

Lift Operator training council (LUR)

Peab is a member of LUR, which is an independent body responsible for the content and development of LLP (Lift Operator Program). LUR authorizes lift operator training companies that commit to observing the LLP and LUR terms and conditions.

Nordic Road Association (NVF)

NVF is an industry forum with members from the private and public sectors in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden that promotes developments in roads and road traffic and transportation. Peab is represented through chairmanship in NVF’s Swedish committee for paving.

Norwegian Green Building Alliance and BREEAM-NOR

The Green Building Alliance is a non-profit member association for organizations in all aspects of the construction and real estate sector. BREEAM-NOR is a Norwegian form of BREEAM and thereby Norway’s sole method of certifying sustainable buildings. Peab is a paying member.


SBUF is the construction industry’s own organization for research and development, with almost 5,000 affiliated companies in Sweden. SBUF promotes the development of the construction process to create better commercial conditions so that contractors and fitters can use research and to drive development work. Peab has the chairmanship post on the board as and sits on a couple of the committees.

Smart Built Environment

Smart Built Environment is a strategic innovation program aimed at developing less expensive, faster and more sustainable community building based on the opportunities digitalization provides. Peab is a member.


Startbank is a register shared by buyers in construction and civil engineering, management, insurance and real estate in Norway. Suppliers are identified in the database through a number of criteria such as location, financial information, insurance, quality system, references etc. Peab is a paying member and sits on the governing body.

Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC)

SGBC is a non-profit organization owned by its members, open to all companies and organizations in the Swedish construction and property sector. The association strives to achieve green construction and to develop and influence work on the environment and sustainability in the industry. Peab is involved in most of the SGBC’s committees. Peab is also a member of the Norwegian (NGBC) and Finnish (FIGBC) Green Building Councils.


NMC is a non-profit organization for companies and organizations that wish to improve and stimulate work on sustainable development. The association offers a cross-­industry platform and strives to share knowledge, contacts and experiences between companies and organizations. Peab is a member.


The Swedish Concrete Federation is a meeting place for those who manufacture and build with concrete. The Swedish Concrete Federation is a knowledge broker that points out the benefits of concrete from a life cycle perspective. Peab is represented on the board and in all committees.


The Swedish Construction Federation (BI) is the industry and employers’ organization for the construction industry, with around 3,600 member companies. BI’s purpose is to promote the common interests of its member companies as employers and entrepreneurs in the construction industry. Peab is represented on the board of BI and on many of BI’s councils/committees, including the energy and environment council and the working environment reference group.


SBSV is a trade association with around 60 members from private companies and organizations that promotes safer roadwork sites for both workers and traffic. SBSV’s work is allocated into five committees: Warn and guide, shield, educate, application of regulations and national statistics. Peab is represented on the board and in committees.

Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)

SIS is a non-profit organization that manages and coordinates standardization in Sweden. SIS is a member, and represents Sweden, in the European Committee for Standardization CEN and the global organizationen ISO. Peab is a member in several technical committees.


Sveby is a Swedish acronym for Standardize and Verify Energy Performance in Buildings, and is a cross-industry program that develops tools for agreements on energy utilization. Peab is a financier and member of the governing body.

UN Global Compact

Peab signed the UN Global Compact in 2012, and is working strategically with the ten principles of sustainable business in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.