About the Sustainability Report

This appendix complements Peab’s Sustainability Report 2018, which comprises the period 1 January to 31 December 2018, with sustainability data and GRI Index. This is Peab’s eighth Sustainability Report prepared according to GRI Standards: level Core. The Sustainability Report has not been reviewed by a third party. Peab’s Sustainability Report is published once a year and the last one was published on April 5 2018.

The Sustainability Report includes the statutory sustainability report according to the Annual Report Act chapter 6 paragraph 11.

The scope of the Sustainability Report

The report comprises the Group’s business in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and all the companies over which Peab has operational control. Based on the materiality analysis the report focuses on the issues that reflect the areas where the business has the most crucial and direct impact from a sustainable perspective.

Changes in the report

The 2018 Sustainability Report follows GRI Standards, which was also the most significant change from 2017 when the report followed GRI G4. To ensure the Sustainability Report covers all the essential areas Peab performed a GAP analysis between GRI G4 and GRI Standards in advance of producing this year’s Annual Report. The GAP analysis resulted in, among other things, extensive work on reviewing the monitoring process of Peab’s materiality areas, which included a revision of relevant key ratios. The number of indicators are therefore now somewhat fewer in order to ensure the quality of the data.

More information about Peab can be found at www.peab.com.

For information about Peab’s sustainability work please contact: Maria Hernroth, Head of Sustainability, maria.hernroth@peab.se