Note 24 Project and development properties

Group, MSEK 2018 2017
Koncernen, Mkr 2018 2017
Housing development rights Bostadsbyggrätter 5,394 5,116
Commercial development rights Kommersiella byggrätter 656 627
On going housing projects Pågående bostadsprojekt 2,034 1,173
On going commercial projects Pågående kommersiella projekt 1,227 383
Completed projects Färdigställda fastigheter 14 170
Other Övrigt 360 143
Total Summa 9,685 7,612

Project and development properties were written down during the year for a total of SEK 30 million (22). Loan interest of SEK 25 million (11) has been activated during the year.


Of the recognized value of project and development property of SEK 9,685 million (7,612) some SEK 5,800 million (approximately 4,200) is expected to be recovered through the start of production or sales more than 12 months after the balance sheet day. The remaining part is expected to be recovered within 12 months of the balance sheet day.